Imaco Underwriters is among the largest qualified general agency distributors throughout the nation. We are insurance for insurance agents!

Our team of specialists understand that cost and service is the most critical decision when choosing a general agency.


What We Offer


Workers' Compensation

Businesses are required by law in many states to have workers' compensation. This law is created to assure employers will have payment for cost of injuries that the employees received at their workplace. Workers' Compensation protects your business from being sued by employees in a cause of injury or illness due to your workplace.



Payroll SErvices

Have you lost accounts to ADP? As an insurance professional, you have seen many changes that impacted your business over the years. We want to be the partner to help you differentiate and stand out from your competitors. We offer quick and easy online payroll service quotes. Our quotes are 25% cheaper than ADP and Paychex. Your clients will also get free monthly reports. 


General Liability

This insurance policy offers business organizations the protection against liability claims for bodily injury  and property damage occuring from the premises. We offer General Liability for General Contractors, Artisan Contractors, Roofers, and Janitorial Services.