Shooting Sport Program



- Three years prior needed
- 1 Time shock loss acceptable
- Prior losses acceptable depending on underwriting guidelines.
- Minimum Premium $10,000 - Pay Go (pay as you go)
- If $8,000 in premium and above, contact underwriter if applicability
- Exclusive carrier with "A-XI" (excellent) rated by A.M. best company in business
   since 1944
What We're Looking For
- Indoor Ranges & Outdoor Ranges
- Pistols, long guns, and archery
- Sporting clays, trap/skeet
- Ranges with firearm & ammo sales
- Range safety manager in place
- Employees background checked
- Clean up operations of excess lead - internal or external contractor
- Public or private clubs
- On site training & safety programs
- Retail firearm stores
- Employees either armed or unarmed at counter included
- Safety program in place
- Employees background checked
- Firearms protocol/ procedure in place
- Slip & falls program In place
- Firearm manufacturers (NO AMMO)
- Safety measures in place to handle hazards materials
- Operations safety standards in place
- No game hunting clubs
* For further information refer to program supplemental/questions